What is "Matoi"?

1 High Sensitivity Detection

Senses even distant Small Flame

It instantly detects 3cm flame from a distance of 4m, and the detection distance extends in proportion to size of flame.

2 Extensive Area

Every angle covered with 1 “Matoi”

The detection area has a radius of 2.5m. If ceiling height of the installation location is 3m, the detection area is about 20m2. (Measurement at height from the ground, about 1m)

3 Multilingual Warning Sound

Warning Sound in 4 languages

Via the internal dip switch, various settings are possible depending on each situation. In addition, with UVS-06CN it is also possible to mute the sound.

Notes for Installation

Please read the instructions below carefully for correct installation.

“Matoi” can detect ultraviolet rays within range of 185~260nm
This product is for indoor usage only. Do not use this product outdoors. In addition, follow the instructions carefully for setup indoors.

“Matoi” detects ultraviolet C waves (185~260nm).
When installed in a location exposed to direct sunlight (such as near a window or doorway), it will react incorrectly. Furthermore, similar reactions will occur near luminaires containing ultraviolet rays in the same area, such as some halogen lamps, mercury lamps, and emergency lighting.