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  1. E-mail of answers sent from us is sent to customers individually for the purpose of answering customer's inquiries.

  2. Please refrain from using part or all of the e-mail of the reply to the customer sending from us for other purposes.

  3. When you send a message to us, we assume that you agree to our terms.

  4. Regarding personal information filled in by customers, we will manage responsibly and will only use it for customer's answers. We will not use it for disclosure to third parties or for other purposes.

  5. Depending on the content of your question or when you have weekends or public holidays, it may take days to answer. Please be understanding of this beforehand.

  6. We refuse construction and sales to antisocial forces. Please note that we cannot conduct any dealings with antisocial forces. In the middle of dealings, if we judge you as an antisocial force, or if you use violent acts, threatening words, etc., we will cease all dealings at that point.